I'm Jeff Stewart
As Message Design, I write, edit, design and produce corporate communications: printed brochures, email newsletters, small websites, presentations, infographics and even entire newsletters.
I've been in this business for 25 years, working mainly with financial services companies, funds, publishers and pharmaceutical companies.
I write, design and produce marketing materials
I start from a detailed discussion so that I can understand your offer – and your audience. Then I write concise, engaging content. I wrap it in clean, accessible design. And I produce the finished materials.
At all times, my focus is on communication. I deliver your message quickly and clearly; in a style and tone of voice that build your brand.
Saving you time
Because I design as I write, I always produce the right content for the project we've agreed. Because I edit as I design, the first version you see is accurate. And when we make changes, I can efficiently alter design and content together, with all copy proofread as I work.
Delivering your message
You don't need a big team: a designer, a copy writer, an expert in print production, an email coder. You need Message Design.
With Message Design you can be sure all aspects of your collateral are working in harmony to deliver your message, quickly and accurately.
In the right format
As well as helping you hone your message, and help you deliver it efficiently. Would it be best as a printed brochure, a single-page flyer or fact sheet, an HTML email or a Powerpoint or Prezi presentation? Whichever is best, I have the technical skills to deliver. 
I work in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop for print and graphics; I code HTML and work in Outlook for emails; I code websites in HTML and Javascript; and I work in Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, Excel and Prezi to deliver documents and presentations that my clients can edit and re-use. 
About me
I've worked as Message Design, writing, designing and learning new skills for 25 years. 
​​​​​​​After university I studied journalism and worked as a freelance journalist and sub-editor on titles including Accountancy Age, Financial Director, the Times Educational Supplement, Manchester United Magazine and PC Active. 
I have a degree in Philosophy from Cambridge University.

I deliver your message quickly and clearly, in a style and a tone of voice that build your brand.